Our data-centers are built to give the best and most secured environment to your servers

Telvent 1 Barcelona, Interxion 1 Paris, ILIAD Paris.

Physical security:

Data Center Aqua Ray BarcelonaAccesses to the different sites are protected and very strict processes have been implemented in order to protect the servers and your datas. Any person wishing to enter the buildings has to prove its identity. Only people who are registered in the access list are authorized to enter the data-center. A system of "Man trap" allows the blocking of all entries and/or exits in case of emergency. Once in the hall after having passed the "Man trap", authentification is enabled by the use of a magnetic badge. The security staff is present on site 24/7 and supervises the inside and the outside of the data-center thanks to the CCTV monitoring (Closed Circuit Television).

Fire protection systems:

Fire detection inside the data-center is based on two independent systems. The first one is a pre-alarm LASER system (VESDA, Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm):

The air is constantly processed by a highly sensitive LASER detector in order to locate any particle resulting from pre-combusting (underneath and above the floor). The system reacts even before any smoke is humanely visible. The second detection system , more traditional, is ensured by ionic and optical heads, situated under the false floors and above the ceilings. The data-center is built with fire  retardant walls and ceilings that are built to resist 2 hours to a fire. In order to extinguish any fire, an extinguishing gas system (FM200) drives out the oxygen of the room and chokes the fire. Any risk of short-circuit is thus avoided.

Power security:

230V AC and 400V AC, UPS, -48V DC with battery backup provides continual power. All interxion Data Centers  and Telvent are backed up by N+1 diesel driven generators with 24 hours fuel storage. Servers and networks equipments are thus protected from any electric cut...


A very important point: the ambient temperature and the hygroscopy of the servers room. Our data-centers fit N+1 standards, which means that there are 2 times more air-conditioners than necessary to counter all possibilities. For optimum performance of all equipments, we maintain and continuously monitor a climate-controlled environment with an average room temperature of 22 +/-2°C and a humidity level of 50 +/-10%. The environmental monitoring of the servers rooms allows us to provide an optimal environment for your machines.